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"Wounded Knee"
"Over and Over"
"Shalaka Laka"
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Backed by the giutar stylings of Willie Red Corn and Dani Robyns, Tunderhand Joe's unique blend of traditional "Native American" sounds and Rythm and Blues has rocked crowds all across the United States.

"Our show's really pack a punch," says Thunderhand. "We hit the stage running and just dont stop. While at heart we're a rock and roll band, we try to span a wide variety of musical genre's. The music is really amazing - dynamic. One song is fast, up tempo, 'in your face' and then the next is moody, deep. We're out to tap into the whole spectrum of emotions. Music can really effect people, it takes them on an emotional journey. That's what is at the core of my music - the emotion."

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